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Cookies used on this website

Following the guidelines of the Spanish Data Protection Agency we proceed to detail the use of Cookies this website does in order to inform you as accurately as possible. This website uses the following .strong>own and third-party cookies:

CookieTypeTemporary Max.DomainOwnershipPurpose
PHPSESSID Session<3/td> Doesn't expire Own This cookie is used by the PHP encryption language to allow SESSION variables to be saved on the web server. These cookies are essential for the operation of the website.
Prestashop-xxxxxxx Session<3/td> 1 year now Own Allow user login and remember user preferences.
DisplayDivasCookiesBanner Functional 30 days Own Remember acceptance notice of cookies.
responsive_popup_1 Functional 5 minuts Own Show information in popups.
_ga, _gid Analytics 2 years now./td> Google Google Universal Analytics embedded by Google and Youtube services
_utma; _utmb; _utmc; _utmv; _utmz Analytics 2 years now./td> Google Analyze statistics of website activity and its traffic
Nid Functional 6 months Google Show location maps on the web using Google Maps service.
Pref Functional 30 days Google Show Youtube videos on the web.
VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE Functional 8 months Google Show Youtube videos on the web.
Ysc Functional 6 months Google Show Youtube videos on the web.
JSESSIONID Functional Doesn't expire Vimeo Show Vimeo videos on the web.
Player Functional 1 year now Vimeo Show Vimeo videos on the web.
vuid Functional 2 years now./td> Vimeo Show Vimeo videos on the web.
Act; Csm; Datr; Dry Locale; Q Social media Session<3/td> Facebook Allows you to control the "Follow Us on Facebook" function of the "Like" button, collect the connection settings.
Act; C_user; Csm; Datr; Dry Locale; Lu; P; Presence; S; Xs Social media Session<3/td> Facebook They allow you to control the "Follow Us on Facebook" function of the "Like" button, collect language settings and be able to share the page. "S" and "xs" are cookies of the Facebook "Like" button.
Act; C_user; Csm; Datr; Dry Locale; Lu; P; Presence; S; Xs Social media Session<3/td> Facebook Collect information that helps them identify your Facebook IDs and control the "Follow Us on Facebook" feature of the "Like" button, collect language settings, and share the page.

Cookies set by third parties

The content of this website is regularly updated and we may integrate content from other websites/services such as:

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In the table above you will see information about the third-party cookies used by our website, for which we make the means available for them to be blocked until you give your consent. However, when they are accepted and you visit a page with integrated content from one of these services you can expose yourself to their respective cookie policies. This website, its owners, developers, and its software do not control the number. Nname, type, and the dissemination of these cookies, which may vary depending on the criteria of their respective owners. For more information about these cookies you should see the websites of those third parties.

Additional notes
  • Web browsers are the tools in charge of storing Cookies and from this place you must carry out your right to remove or deactivate them. Neither this website nor its legal representatives can guarantee the correct or incorrect handling of the Cookies by the aforementioned browsers.
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  • For any questions or inquiries about this policy of Cookies feel free to contact us through the contact section.


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