• Berwick 1707

    Berwick 1707

    Berwick shoes are manufactured in Almansa (Spain), a city with a strong shoemaker link.

    The brand enjoys a great reputation and is praised for the high quality of its leathers and leathers, its sustainable manufacture, an attractive design and a long-lasting footwear. Undoubtedly, also the adjusted and reasonable prices of Goodyear Berwick shoes have a significant influence on the brand's success.

  • Bibi-Lou


    Spanish footwear brand created for a young woman who follows the trends of fashion, feminine, different and cheerful. Comfortable footwear that meets the needs of 24 hours a day, at different times.

  • Calce


    Since 1959 quality is the concept that accompanies this Spanish firm.Both at the technical level where they have expert workers of the subject, and in the choice of the skins of the highest quality.

  • Calce Woman

    Calce Woman

    Family business since 1959 making shoes presents this season its new line for ladies.

    Following their hallmark with the highest quality in every shoe they manufacture.

    Inspired by their classic style, the models resell every season.

  • Castellano 1920

    Castellano 1920

    In the early year 1920 Castellano was born in Madrid, where all the shoes are manufactured by hand by means of measures at the foot and making the wooden last by hand, that is, real shoes in a small workshop where from the cut to the finish, the whole realization was made manual.

  • Cordwainer


    Cordwainer is a team of true men and women artisans and masters of the process of making and finishing the shoe.- Our workshops are located in Almansa, in the southeast of La Mancha, birthplace of the Industrial Revolution of the footwear sector in Spain.

  • Dibia
  • Durá & Durá

    Durá & Durá

    Founded in 1952 Frau factory shoes for men and women from Italy, with quality features that give style and functionality to the product.

    The tradition of footwear manufacturing is expressed in handcrafted details that are combined with innovative construction techniques. 

  • George's
  • Hogl
  • Martinelli


    Martinelli with more than 40 years of history still believes in a manufacturing process where the human factor is an exencial element. He's been working the best skins and materials for years. Each collection is an opportunity to reunite with that feeling of turning the different raw materials into a finished design.

  • Mascaró


    La historia de Mascaró comienza en Menorca en el año 1918 con un taller artesanal para la fabricación de zapatillas de ballet. A partir de los años 50 se convierte en una fábrica de calzado de alta calidad a manos de Jaime Mascaró quien inicia su expansión constante. En los años 90 consigue finalmente abrir su propia tienda y más tarde se incorpora en el mercado internacional con una importante red de tiendas propias en varios países.

  • Pedro Miralles

    Pedro Miralles

    Firm founded in 1959 with more than half a century of history and dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of quality women's footwear under the Made in Spain seal

  • Pertini


    Since its founding in 1980, Pertini has been manufacturing high quality footwear for men and women 100% Made in Spain.

    Reinventing classic patterns every season, their quality and style makes them unique. 

  • Plumers


    Menorca is the land of Plumers and its source of inspiration. Craftsmanship and quality are its hallmarks.

  • Pons Quintana

    Pons Quintana

    The firm Pons Quintana was created in 1953 in Alaior, Menorca. In 2003, the 50th anniversary of its founding was marked. Their handmade braids are world-renowned,

  • Reqins
  • Sebago


    Why to talk about Sebago is talking about quality and elegance. Sebago represents the authentic product and timeless designs.

  • Stonefly


    International signature with Italano style and innovation in a single product.

  • Weekend


    Line created by the house Pedro Miralles offers us every season the latest trends in its designs.